Ilargi Amandrea, zeruan ze berri?

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  1. I think attacking something without understanding it is always problematic, regardless of whether one is an atheist, a creationist, or any other form of ist. Of course, the ignorant often dispute the fact that they are ignorant.I do believe that some people are more hardwired for faith than others. Perhaps, for this reason, we should have more patience and understanding for those who struggle with their faith.

    1. Hi Cinderella. I agree with you, I respect other beliefs and I approach them with respect, trying to understand their points of view. Everyone of us, no matter our religion or the form of spirituality we follow, have doubts about some aspects of the tradition and experience periods of struggle in the relationship with God/Gods or the sacred entities we worship. From my point of view, it is very neccessary to reflect and wonder about the precepts of our faith and that is what I am intending in this space. Sadly, the spirituality I follow have been misunderstood and persecuted during centuries. As you said, there are people who judge harshly what they don’t know and refuse to understand. I only try to clarify some ideas in this blog for those who are open to listen and have the positive attitude to make constructive questions.

  2. Me ha encantado este artículo. Particularmente, los calendarios lunares que hace la gente, es algo que me apasiona enormemente, y por alguna razón, me ayuda a aprender bastante el tema de los ciclos.


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